Kipling Law Group
Kipling Law Group PLLC
4464 Fremont Avenue North
Suite 300
Seattle, Washington 98103

206-545-0350 fax

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Directions to Kipling Law Group

From Downtown Seattle

Via Aurora Avenue
Get on Aurora Avenue (Highway 99) northbound from downtown. Take the first exit after crossing the Aurora Bridge. Turn left at the bottom of the exit onto N 38th St and drive west under Aurora Avenue. Bear right after you emerge from the underpass. This is Fremont Way North. After you pass the blinking yellow emergency signal, move into the right lane and proceed a block to the intersection with Fremont Avenue North, where there is a light. Turn right onto Fremont Ave N and head up the hill. Our building will be on your right, on the southeast corner of Fremont Ave N and N 45th St. Turn right onto N 45th St, and then right again into our garage.

Via Dexter Avenue N. or Westlake Avenue N
Head north on either Dexter or Westlake, either of which will take you to the Fremont Bridge. Cross over the Bridge, and make sure you are in the middle lane after you cross. Proceed straight ahead up the hill, then turn right onto N 45th St, then turn right into the garage.

From I-5 (either northbound or southbound)

Take the NE 45th St/NE 50th St exit and head west on NE 45th St. Stay on NE 45th St through the Wallingford neighborhood (about 1 mile) and follow the main road as it bends slightly to the right (it's called Midvale for this short stretch). After a stop light, the street passes under Aurora Avenue (Highway 99). Be in the right lane. As you emerge from the underpass, the street becomes N 46th St. At the next light, Fremont Ave N, turn left and head down the hill one block to N. 45th St. Our building is on your left, at the southeast corner of Fremont Ave N and N 45th St. Turn left onto N 45th St, and then right into our garage.