Kipling Law Group
Our Office
After working for years in traditional downtown law offices, our Fremont office is a welcome change. With electronic filing and cost-effective online legal research, it's no longer necessary for a law firm to be located downtown in order to have a "downtown law practice." Skyscrapers and concrete may be impressive to some, but they have nothing to do with the quality and efficiency of legal services. Professionalism and comfort really can coexist.

Complex litigation is inherently stressful and doing it well requires tremendous energy and focus, in addition to talent and experience. Maintaining a healthier lifestyle helps promote that energy and focus. On nice days, we might take a break for a walk with the dogs or visit to the rose garden at the zoo. But even when we're out, we're always available to our clients by cell phone and wireless email.

We work hard but enjoy a relaxed
atmosphere at our office. Stop by
for a visit—and a biscuit.
  We also enjoy having canine staff members who helped us through a number of stressful court filings and provide endless entertainment.