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Our Approach
We started Kipling Law Group because the traditional law firm model, while lucrative and comfortable for many lawyers, does not necessarily serve clients well. Because of our experience and our practical approach to litigation, we are able to represent you effectively—even in large, complex matters—with a very lean team. One of the keys to our ability to do this is that we work from the beginning of our relationship to understand all aspects of your case, and to understand your business. We learn the details, but we never lose sight of the big picture. This allows us to evaluate risk, costs and benefits, and to give you practical advice that you can use.

We recognize that most cases settle before trial and that a good settlement is often the best way to resolve a complex dispute. The ability to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both sides of a case make us better able to negotiate a resolution that makes sense from a business standpoint. But some disputes can't or shouldn't be settled, and we have the experience, focus and energy to take your case to trial.

Our reputation in Seattle means that we are on the short list of referrals for many of Seattle's best law firms. With our extensive litigation and trial experience in Washington and our lean, efficient business model, we also are ideally situated to act as local counsel for out-of-town clients.

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